Female Philanthropist Donates Modern Toilet-Uplifts Njinikom Council


The people of Njinikom sub division in Boyo Division have continued to benefite from an ultra modern toilet second to none in the Division. The toilet comprise eight defecating compartments, six wash hand sinks, two baths and an administrative section. The ultra modern toilet was opened for use by the D.O for Njinikom sub division Dec13 2014 and freely donated to the Njinikom council for management and control. The project baptized Irena Initiative Project is initiated and financed by Iren Njuakom, daughter of Njinikom municipality based in the USA.
Speaking at the inauguration of the public toilet, the D. O for Njinikom sub division, Bontang Justine described the initiative as a new era in Njinikom and enjoined the population to ward off political inclinations and embrace development.

According to the director of the initiative of Irina Project Initiative, Iren Njuakom, toiletry conditions are not only deplorable in Njinikom but through out the country. ”when I went o Douala central market, I wept after seeing what people went through to relieve themselves “she recounted. She explained that it took a little longer than planed to construct the toilet because the people were only familiar with their old methods of constructions.” it was a tough call but we are in the 21st century and every thing is moving on. But how far are we going to continue with our shithole?I however said the people could use their shitholes but I was not going to spend my money just to do another shithole, ”Njuakom intimated. “The greatest challenge i face was that of wrong walls set up and roofing. As a result, the walls were broken twice and roofing was done twice. It reached a point where I had to order the project be halted to resume only when I’m around  and the election of mayor Chah Bam Terence facilitated things for me, given his dynamism “she added. To her, the people of Njinikom are fond of their pit toilets, reason why she started the project at the marked area, considering that the market is a place where people buy and sell weekly or daily with the intension to construct more toilets in the round about and penetrate the quarters.
As a registered nurse in the USA with a masters Degree in public Health undergoing PHD in public Health, she thinks the best way of preventing diseases is by washing the hands. “we carry a lot of bacteria on our hands, we shake hands with people we do not know what they must have touched” .In a bit to enforce hygiene in the Njinikom Municipality, Njuakom and her team organized a hand washing day whereby people came in and washed their hands as a signed of practice.
The Mayor of Njinikom council,Chah Bam Terence, proud to receive the toilet on behalf of the populace of Njinikom said it was a great novelty in Boyo and beyond .”I’m very impressed and I think the construction of this toilet will go a long way to improve the sanitation of this municipality”. Quizzed on the maintenance and sustainability of the toilet, Mayor Chah Bam Terence announced that the project shall survive so long as the council exists. ”I’m going to employ workers who will work permanently in this toilet to ensure that this toilet serves the purpose for which it is created as well as the putting in place of a team which will educate the literate and the illiterate on the appropriate use of this toilet. I’m proud to be the first sitting mayor of Njinikom council to benefit this great innovation for my people”
The Irena project initiative through its Director, Irin Njuakom hard long had been active in Njinikom through the payment of health Insurance schemes for the poor.”I began with the payment of the MUTUAL HELP cards for the people, then I realized that it was just a cycle, you go to the hospital with your diarriah, comes back home, next week you are going back to the hospital. I thought of sanitation and this toilet is what I dream as the best solution for my people” Irin opined.
Present at the inauguration was the MP for Boyo. Njong Evarestus,Hon Paulinus Jua,Bobe Fultang Benedict, National president NADECO,health practitioners and members of the AFO –AKOM USA who all expressed amazement at the strides made by a woman in Njinikom.The local will have to pay 50fcfa to urinate,100fcfa to defecate and 200fcfa to bath in a bit to make the project self sustain.


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